Consulting on your R & D Strategy

The R & D strategy is a future life of the company. We know, every big or growing company is spending large amounts of money on R & D, and trying to keep it secret. If you select a right direction, that is fine. But if you are not in a right direction, your company will be in a dangerous position. How to have a good R & D strategy is very important for your company's future.
Feshing has been involved in worldwide e-consulting markets. We will like to help you reach your goal. We will like to invite some experts in corporation developing strategy area from North America, Europe and Asia to help your.

What we can do for you:

1. We will evaluate your company's current position, and give you some advice which includes your company's marketing strategies, R & D strategies.
2. If you are interested in our summary advice, we will give you a detailed modifying plan, or help you modify. Our high quality consultants worldwide will be behind you, save your time, reduce your mistakes, and make your company a successful one in your section.

The price will be based on each case.

We will also like to invite some experts (The consulting fee based on your asking.) in above area from North America, Europe and Asia to join our "Hero online"/"Great eagle online" consulting / co-founders teams.